Former Graduated Students


Jim Becker, Ph.D 2013

Assistant Professor

Department of Kinesiology

California State University- Long Beach



Scott Breloff, Ph.D 2013

Assistant Professor

Department of Exercise Science and Sport

University of Scranton


Tzurei Chen, Ph.D 2012

Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Therapy

University of Evansville


Masa Fujumoto, Ph.D 2012

Assistant Professor

Deparment of Sport and Health Science

Ritsumeikan University


Shiu-Ling Chiu, Ph.D 2012

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Harvard School of Public Health/Liberty Mutual


Vipul Lugade, Ph.D 2011

Whitaker International Scholar

Chiang Mai University

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Robert Catena, Ph.D 2008

Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Therapy

University of Evansville

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Sue Ewers, M.S., CPO

Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist and Teaching Associate

Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine

University of Washington

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Heng-Ju Lee, PhD 2006

Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Education

National Taiwan Normal University


David Mandeville, PhD 2006

Assistant Professor

Kinesiology and Health Science Department

California State University, Sacramento


Tonya Parker, PhD 2006

Associate Professor

Department of Movement Science

Grand Valley State University


Jeff Beavers, MS 2006

Techinical Support and Sales at Vicon Inc.


Virginia Klausmeier, MS 2006

Clinical Research Manager at Stryker Trauma, San Francisco.

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Shing-Jye Chen, PhD 2005

Research Assistant Professor

Medical Device Innovation Center

National Cheng Kung University


Michael Hahn, PhD 2003

Assistant Professor

Department of Human Physiology

University of Oregon

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Other Alumni


Sentaro Koshida, MS 2003

Hiroshima University
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Marisa Hastie, MS 2003

Fitness Education Coordinator at Lane Community College


Arik S. Wiest, MS 2003

CEO & NW Director for the National Personal Training Inst


Alan Wiest, MS 2003

Instructor at Lane Community College